Increasing number of RE trainees will need school placements - can you help?

The number of trainee teachers for RE is increasing, with the provision for Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses proving to be a real help to those entering the profession with degrees in other Humanities subjects.

While it is good to see this increase, these trainee teachers will need to spend time in schools with good RE teachers in order to develop their own practice and become good RE teachers themselves.

Could you help provide such an environment?The teachers below can give you a quick insight into the benefits:

I work in a school in inner London. Having a trainee RE teacher is a wonderful experience; it is fulfilling as a mentor and an excellent learning experience to work with someone with new ideas and approaches to teaching and learning.


I teach at a large comprehensive High school in Worcestershire. Having trainee’s from both the University of Birmingham and Worcester has enhanced our dept with resources, fresh vision and energy, e.g., without a trainee we would not have started the Panpsycast podcast 4 years ago.


I work in an urban secondary school in Bristol. Taking on a trainee has been a great way to energise a department and infuse it with new ideas and personalities. Supporting a PGCE student is great professional development for the right teacher.


If you think you might be able to offer new trainee teachers a positive start to their career, then contact your local ITE providers.If you need any help finding these providers, then make a start here.

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