Inter Faith Week 2020 opportunities for schools

Inter Faith Week starts on Sunday 8 November and concludes on Sunday 15 November. The Week is a great opportunity for pupils to explore inter faith issues and for schools to build relationships with faith, belief and inter faith groups in their community. Here are some things you might want to consider doing this year:

  • Work with your local inter faith group and SACRE to host a special virtual ‘Question Time’ via a social media platform
  • Organise an exhibition in your school featuring information and objects about a range of religions and beliefs reflecting your local population
  • Celebrate the Week on your website, perhaps have a series of short videos where pupils share what they have learned in RE
  • Organise a virtual tour of local places of worship to investigate the importance of faith in the lives of believers in your community
  • Create an Inter Faith Week poster, artwork or multifaith calendar
  • Host a dialogue about a topic such as ‘shared values’ or how people of different faiths and beliefs can live well together at a lunchtime event
  • Invite local MPs/MEPs/councillors to a RE lesson to see how faith is studied and/or to discuss the importance of learning about others’ beliefs, Covid-19 restrictions permitting
  • Make a video of events at your school held for Inter Faith Week For more about Inter Faith Week

Visit and if you have specific questions or ideas you’d like to discuss email IFN’s Assistant Director at