Massive improvement in recruitment of trainee teachers of RE

We are delighted to report that based on the UCAS figures released this week, there are 505 trainee teachers of RE placed or conditionally placed which, when compared to 2018, is an increase of over 100 trainees, If all of these people start their training and don’t change their mind at the last minute, this will be the best recruitment figures for RE in a very long time!

We are really pleased that our campaigning for higher value bursaries and subject knowledge enhancement courses appears to have paid off.

Lest we get too complacent however, we need to consider how many more trainees we might recruit next year if the government were to treat trainees in religious education in the same way as those of shortage subjects as recommended by the CoRE.

Perhaps then we would have a chance of improving the percentage of lessons of RE taught by specialists, that figure has remained stubbornly low for many years and clearly has an impact of outcomes for pupils.

Teachers training

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