NATRE analysis of GCSE and A level examination data for Religious Studies reveals interesting variations between nations and regions

The attached reports cover GCSE and A level RS in both England and Wales and reveal many similarities and some differences between the two nations in relation to trends over time. It is clear that the removal of the short course from performance tables has had a devastating impact on the number of children leaving school with a qualification in Religious Studies. In many cases, the loss of the short course has coincided with an increase in the number of schools reporting zero hours of timetable time for RE in year 11 in the school workforce data. At A level, entries have remained fairly stable over recent years in England but in Wales, there is a step decline, of around 33% since 2020. The reasons for this need further investigation.

Report on A level Religious Studies 2023

Report on GCSE Religious Studies 2023

Discover trends in GCSE and A level RS in England and Wales, with a focus on the impact of short course removal and A level entry declines in Wales.

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