NATRE calls for the DfE to read its own data and reinstate bursaries for trainee teachers of RE.

The DfE school workforce data published this month, provides clear evidence that the Government’s prioritisation of EBacc subjects has had a direct negative impact on the Religious Education workforce.

  • 51% of those teaching secondary RE spend most of their timetable teaching another subject (13% English, 28% Geography, 27% History)
  • 155 secondary schools did not employ a single teacher with a post-A level qualification in the subject (3 for English, 19 for Maths, 15 in History)
  • The DfE has missed its training target for RE in 9 of the last 10 years – despite slashing the target by a third.
  • Bursaries for other subjects are drawing graduates who would train to teach RE to other subjects for financial reasons.
  • The DfE’s own report shows those teaching RE as an additional subject, are among the least confident.
  • NFER predict RE will recruit only 44% of the target number for trainees this year


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