Read Fiona's blog as she reflects on 2020-21

'The aim of NATRE didn’t change in the last challenging year in fact it became even more important as our members, and all teachers, learnt to educate pupils in new ways, in new places under unbelievably challenging circumstances.

Whilst NATRE always work hard to resource schools, for example, through our publications, local groups, Spirited Arts, training, social media presence and #REChatuk this year we tried to support teachers in their new circumstances. This meant creating digital copies of magazines so you could read it even if it was delivered to school when you were teaching from home, providing extra RE chats, supporting local groups (thank you Saima Saleh) to go virtual and providing far more online training.'

Katie's blog looks forward to the year to come

'As we look forward to the next academic year, NATRE has many plans to further support teachers of RE.

In January 2022, NATRE plan to hold another Strictly RE conference. We are grateful for the feedback that teachers of RE share with us each year and we strive to ensure that we act upon this to ensure that delegates receive the best quality training. There has been much discussion in the RE community surrounding a Religion and Worldviews approach to teaching RE and this theme will feature in the planning for the conference.'

Both blogs are on the RE:ONLINE website.

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