NATRE Executive 2021-2024 Election results

We are delighted to announce that the following people have been elected to serve on the NATRE executive committee.



Julie Childs

Chris Giles

Katie Gooch

Zameer Hussain

Adam Robertson

Nikki McGee

Saima Saleh

Waqar Ahmad Ahmedi

Sarah Payne

Katherine France

Sarah Boyle

Kelly Keatley

Naila Missous

Joe Matthews

Harvinder Sagoo

Charlotte Newman

Adam Smith

Lilian Ogunbiyi

Debbie Yeomans

Shammi Rahman

We are really pleased that this excellent group of people has been elected to serve and we know they will work hard for the whole RE community. We are also grateful to those who stood but weren’t elected on this occasion. A further group of people will be co-opted to form the full executive for 2021-2024.

Towards the end of the year we will put details about each of these people onto the NATRE website.

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