NATRE Executive Committee statement on the Commission on RE report

The NATRE Executive warmly welcomes the final report of the Commission on RE and strongly endorses ‘A national plan for RE’ with its three main components: a subject that explores the important role of religious and non-religious worldviews, all pupils having access to high quality teaching, and there being significant investment to support the implementation of this plan.

The Executive supports ‘A national plan for RE’ and agrees with the direction and aims of the eleven recommendations and associated timeline.

Consequently, members of the NATRE Executive commit themselves to acting to bring about the implementation of ‘A national plan for RE’, for example, by writing to MPs, and urge the wider membership of NATRE to do likewise.

The NATRE Executive also authorised the NATRE Executive Steering Group and the RE Policy Unit to work towards the implementation of ‘A national plan for RE’, including continuing to work with the DfE and other relevant bodies.

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