NATRE response to A Level and GCSE U-turn

In response to the problems of A level results last week, NATRE along with many others called on the government to act to ensure that students did not unfairly miss out on their chosen future pathways. After a weekend of some confusion, it is good to see a decision finally taken by the Secretary of State, though none of his remaining options were very palatable.

The mess the government has found itself in was entirely of its own making, and it has taken too long to respond to the many genuine concerns about the outcomes of this year's A level and GCSE grading. Nobody doubts the difficult position the government was in when confronted by the effects of a pandemic, but they ought to have liaised more with the teaching profession to ensure that students were not put in such stressful situations. The timing of this announcement at least ensures that GCSE students can look forward to their results with some confidence, and A level students can now hopefully move onto the next steps they had chosen. NATRE trust that Higher Education Institutions will receive financial and logistical support so that they can offer places to all those who now meet the conditions of their preferred university offer.

Ben Wood Chair of NATRE and Fiona Moss CEO NATRE

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