NATRE welcomes the new Russell Group ‘Informed Choices’ website

The previous advice from Russell Group universities about what were known as ‘facilitating subjects’ proved, in its use, to be unhelpful to Religious Studies. While these universities recognized that A level Religious Studies was ‘generally suitable’ as preparation for universities, the way the list of facilitating subjects was presented gave rise to a common misunderstanding about which A levels were highly regarded.

The news that the Russell Group have changed their advice, withdrawn the list of ‘facilitating subjects’ and launched a new ‘Informed Choices’ website is very welcome. This new website is designed to help students be clearer about how their post-16 subject choices will impact on their university applications, and accordingly, a wider range of subjects, including RS, are more prominently highlighted in this new advice.

As many people know, from teachers of RE to university lecturers to secondary school pupils, A level Religious Studies is a rigorous, valuable and useful qualification. The chance to think deeply about a wide range of questions, including across philosophy, theology, ethics and social sciences, is one of the reasons why A level RS has become such a popular choice for students.

For information on how schools can work with universities you may wish to visit our making links with universities page.

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