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Exciting news in the world of Religious Education (RE) as Angela Hill, National RE Adviser based in Cardiff, assumes the role of Editor for the widely acclaimed REtoday magazine. She steps into this prestigious position following the tenure of the esteemed RE Adviser Lat Blaylock, who confidently passed the torch, heralding a new era for the publication.

In her editorial featured in the recently released Autumn 2023 edition, Angela Hill expressed her enthusiasm and humility in introducing herself as the new Editor of REtoday, sharing her gratitude for the support and guidance from the countless individuals who contributed to the magazine's production. She particularly acknowledged her predecessor, Lat Blaylock, for his wisdom, grace, and patience, labeling him an indispensable mentor.

Angela's editorial not only marks her inauguration but also offers insight into the challenges and complexities faced by the RE community today. She emphasises the evolving landscape of faith, belief, and worldviews, which require an accurate and fair representation of individuals and communities. This mission, as Angela points out, is far from simple, especially in the realm of education.

"Religious education faces the task of embracing the complexity and intricate interplay of faith, belief, and worldviews like never before," Angela notes in the article. "This is a tall order at the chalkface! Not only do we face the all-too-familiar and newly emerging challenges of providing high-quality RE/RME/RVE, but our own brains don’t help with this either."

Angela highlights the natural inclination of the human brain to seek order, create categories, and establish boundaries in an effort to understand the world. However, she underscores that religions and worldviews do not fit neatly into boxes, and attempting to impose strict categories can fail to capture their richness and diversity.

Read Angela Hill's full editorial in the Autumn 2023 edition of REtoday magazine available on the REtoday Library website.

It's important to note that this article is now freely available to all readers. For access to all the articles in this edition and more, consider exploring the NATRE membership packages, which offer free access to the entire REtoday Library site, along with numerous other benefits.

Angela Hill

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