New pupil competition 'Lessons that make a difference'

We all love a good competition and whilst you may be working on your Spirited arts entries we are sure you will be interested in this competition being run by CSTG through REonline.

'Lessons that make a difference'

  • Which lesson changed or challenged your pupils’ thinking?
  • Which lesson made a difference to your pupils?
  • Which lesson had the greatest impact on your pupils’ learning?
  • Which lesson inspired your pupils most?

CSTG are inviting children and young people to write a 500-word blog or record a 2-minute audio or visual file about a Religion and Worldviews (or RE) lesson that has made a difference to them. The aim of this competition is to celebrate an education in religion and worldviews, but also to demonstrate its importance in changing, challenging, and inspiring children and young people. The lesson could be one which takes place in the classroom or could be an out of classroom experience. Winning entries will be notified and their blogs/vlogs posted on RE:ONLINE in Summer 2022.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to all pupils aged 5-18. Pupils can enter individually or in pairs.

Closing date: 12PM Monday 14 March

For entry form and further details click on the link below

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