Ofqual consultation on 2021 exams

NATRE has been involved in meetings with Ofqual throughout the ongoing Covid-19 period, representing the concerns of teachers of RE as decisions have been made about exams in 2020 and 2021.

In response to the current consultation about 2021 exams, NATRE has argued:

  • that all subjects should be treated equitably
  • that with comparable entry numbers at GCSE to both history and geography, it would be unfair to not consider concessions in the GCSE RS curriculum and/or assessment arrangements
  • that data from our secondary school surveys suggests at least one-fifth of secondary schools entering students for GCSE RS do not give the required 120-140 hours of curriculum time
  • that many schools report a decision to focus on the teaching of core subjects during recent months, meaning that many students have had no RS teaching during this time
  • that it is inacceptable for teaching time for GCSE RS to be further reduced, and/or teaching time taken away from RS and given to other subjects

The Department for Education has made it clear that schools ought to ‘Teach an ambitious and broad curriculum in all subjects from the start of the autumn term’1.

Ofqual have launched a survey to gather feedback from teachers about the processes used to decide on Centre Assessed Grades for the 2020 examinations. You can complete this survey by clicking here.

1 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/actions-for-schools-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak/guidance-for-full-opening-schools#section-3-curriculum-behaviour-and-pastoral-support

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