Ofsted Research Review: “Review spells out essential role of RE”

In light of Ofsted's Research Review on Religious Education, the National Association of Teachers of RE (NATRE) and the Religious Education Council of England and Wales have shared their views.

Professor Trevor Cooling, Chair, Religious Education Council of England and Wales:

“The timing of the Ofsted report on Religious Education sends a powerful message to all those with an interest in the status of RE. As only the second subject review after science and the first Arts and Humanities subject in the schedule, it is a clear indication of the importance of Religious Education as a discrete subject, and the need for a broad and balanced curriculum.

“The review spells out the essential role that RE plays in every young person’s academic and personal development and emphasises the value that an education in religious and non-religious worldviews provides in later life.”

Katie Freeman, Chair, National Association of Teachers of RE:

“The need for high quality teaching in all schools for all pupils, both from an academic perspective and for each pupil’s personal development, is abundantly clear in the Ofsted report.

“It sends out a strong reminder to all school leaders of the requirement to teach the subject at all key stages, including sixth form, and to consider the professional development and subject knowledge needed for teachers to deliver a high quality RE curriculum.”

As a reminder, NATRE will be hosting a special #REchatUK twitter conversation with Subject lead Dr Richard Kueh HMI on Monday 17 May between 8-9pm. Please save the date in your diary.

Ofsted's Research Review can be found here.

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