RE Council launches National Content Standard

NATRE is pleased that the RE Council of England and Wales has launched its National Content Standard for Religious Education in England. We have previously reported on the postcode lottery of RE provision in England, evidenced in the Ofsted Research Review, NATRE primary and secondary surveys, and analysis of the DfE’s own data. However, until now, there has been no national benchmark to cite when we are asked, “What exactly does high-quality RE look like?”

NATRE Chair, Katie Freeman said,

“It is genuinely encouraging to see so much agreement around the need for a National Content Standard that applies to all types of school in England. I hope that those who choose to work with this benchmark will find it useful to evaluate their own RE curriculum. If this standard achieves widespread support across the sector, that will give us the greatest chance of achieving our vision of securing high-quality teaching and learning in RE/Religion and Worldviews for all pupils in all schools.”

You can read the National Content Standard here and a blog about it by Deborah Weston here.

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