#REChatUK and 'Reforming RE'

The recent publication of 'Reforming RE' has generated a significant level of discussion about the future of RE. The book, edited by Mark Chater, contains contributions from a wide range of figures in the RE community.

NATRE plans to run two #REChatUK sessions to further discuss the ideas in the book.

· 18th May - Why is there need for a new direction for RE, and what is that new direction?

· 1st June - What needs to be done to move in this new direction?

Both of these 'chats' will run, as usual, on Monday evening from 8-9pm, and a number of the book's contributors will be taking part in these Twitter 'chats'.

It would be helpful to have read the book before hand, though it is not essential, and as is always the case, anyone is welcome to join in our discussions.

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