Regional Ambassadors Announced

At the end of October 2018, Naomi Anstice was appointed the National Ambassador for Religious Education Networks. She is an Assistant Head Teacher in Cheshire where she teaches RE to the whole school as part of the PPA provision. Naomi is also the RE Primary adviser for Cheshire West and a member of the NATRE Executive.

She will be working on this project a day a week. Here Naomi explains the project she will be leading for the next two years and introduces the regional ambassadors who have now been appointed:

‘The aim of this project is to build a long-term sustainable structure to provide local support for RE teachers.'

  • Connecting teachers to other teachers, local groups, hubs, advisers, SACREs and to a range of available opportunities and RE initiatives.
  • Connecting teachers to both classroom-based and academic research
  • Connecting teachers to regional and national CPD opportunities as well as resources which will inspire their classroom practice

This will be done through the creation of ten regional areas, each of which will have its own ambassador. These ambassadors will be developing, creating, co-ordinating local RE structures. Areas which already have strong support structures will be embraced and promoted whilst others may need creation and development according to local need.

These ambassadors bring a wealth of experience with them from a range of educational settings and will be working to network across their own areas, looking to support the creation of local groups where there are currently gaps. Each region will have web provision, so you can see what is happening in your area and to keep in touch with others in your area.

The regional ambassadors are allocated a day a month to support their region, so we will need to be realistic about what can be achieved in this time!

The areas and their ambassadors are as follows:

London – Claire Clinton
North – Katherine France
North East – Suzanne Tomlinson
North West – Joanne Harris
East Midlands – Julie Childs
West Midlands – Chris Giles
South Central – Sarah Payne
South East – Justine Ball
South West – Laura Harris
East Anglia – Katie Gooch

Read more about the Regional Ambassadors here

Central to the success of the project is increasing teacher involvement with a range of RE organisations (including AREIAC, NATRE, The REC, NASACRE and local SACREs) through both membership and engagement.

You can follow and contact Naomi through twitter @naomianstice or email who will pass on emails to the regional ambassadors.

Regional Map

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