The RE Hubs website is LIVE!

Claire Clinton, Lead Director of RE Hubs, is delighted to announce the new website is live. Found at, the website is a freely available one-stop shop that seeks to help teachers and members of the Religious Education / Religion, Values & Ethics / Religion & Worldviews (RE/RVE/R&W) community find resources, CPD, inspiration, visitors and where to go out on visits and events.

The website is being kept up to date by the RE Hubs team, which is made up of RE teachers and experts from across England and Wales, specialising in their local area.

The newly developed website has for the first time a calendar for England & Wales for all stakeholders to advertise events taking place.

Schools will be able to locate and contact school speakers and places of interest for school’s visits in local your areas, which have gone through training run by the RE hubs team each month receiving a kite-mark from the RE-Hubs project.

For the first time, in one central place, a teacher can find local group meetings that are taking place in their area and make contact with those who run these groups.

Finally, the ‘Upskill’ tab has a wealth of free resources and contacts useful to all those in the RE/RVE/R&W eco-system from the latest news and blogs to podcasts – the website links you directly.

Chris Allen – East Anglia RE Hubs lead commented “The RE Hubs website is a one-stop shop for any teacher or person interested or working in the RE world and education. It shares resources, CPD events and collaborative opportunities to support the development of RE. It aims to connect people together with a wide range of organisations, so they can share best practice, have an open dialogue about RE in education and developed the subject further in the future. The RE Hubs website is only in its early stages and shows a small amount of what potential it has to impact positively on the RE provision in our schools. It is simple to use, easy to navigate and well worth a frequent visit to get the most up-to-date resources, help and ideas to make you the most effective teacher of RE possible!”

Karenza Passmore – North East RE Hubs lead states “I am excited about the potential of the RE hubs website to connect teachers to great resources, research, networks, people, and places. Although it’s early days I can already see the benefits of the North East area for our region both in terms of showcasing what we already have and driving the development of new relationships and initiatives locally and nationally.”

The Specific Aims identified by the RE Hubs steering group are:

  • To improve communication between teachers, professional development and resource providers, and research communities
  • To improve connections and interactions between different parts of the RE/RVE/R&W Eco-System
  • To be an information exchange to increase accessibility for all teachers to local and regional professional development and research
  • To enable teachers to teach with greater confidence through their access to the support, knowledge, training and resources available in their region.
  • To create a sustainable long-term model for future provision

RE Hubs seeks to build relationships with advisers, dioceses, universities, SACREs, LAs, governors, MATs, teaching school hubs and more. So if you haven’t heard from us as yet, do visit the website and get in touch with your lead.

The steering committee, with representatives from Religious Education organisations AREIAC, AULRE, NASACRE, NATRE, REC and TRS-UK, are dedicated to this collaborative working approach. This project is supported by a number of funders, to whom we are grateful for their investment at the start of this key infrastructure programme for all those working in and supporting RE/RVE/R&W, and facilitated by RE Today.

For further information contact:


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