The Truth about the NATRE Anti-Racist Resources

Currently NATRE are in the challenging position of having been radically misrepresented in an article in a Telegraph article ‘Primary School Pupils should learn white privilege says RE teachers’ (15th June, 2021) regarding the purpose of NATRE’s ‘Anti-Racist Resources’ for teachers. For your information our lesson materials do not, as suggested, provide resources to teach 'white privilege' to primary age pupils. The term ‘white privilege’ is simply included in a glossary of terms for teachers context knowledge only, and we make it clear that it is a contested concept.

It is essential for pupils to debate controversial issues in the safe space of the classroom and to hear and understand - not necessarily agree with - those who think differently to them. The RE classroom is a space where this question, and many other big and contested questions, can be explored with nuance, knowledge, and balance. We offer knowledge-rich resources to allow informed debate about issues relating to religion and race. We do not recommend the teaching of critical race theory in the RE classroom.

Despite being approached for comment the untruth is continuing to be used by some MPs and by certain media to promote the argument for this controversial subject.

Please note this document outlines the contents of the resource, what has been inaccurately reported and the incorrect information included in both the Telegraph articles, and likewise a Parliamentary Question asked on 16 June 2021.