Welsh consultation on the newly named subject Religion, Values and Ethics

This important consultation on the subject formerly known as RE in Wales is only open until 31st July. NATRE have sent in a consultation response but encourage teachers in Wales and in other nations to send in their own response.


NATRE is concerned about the name change for the subject and considers that the title religion and worldviews is more appropriate to the area of study. We also consider that the use of language in the consultation document is unclear there is sometimes use of ‘must have regard to’ with no explanation of what that actually means and that this is a watering down of the previous legislation regarding RE and puts the subject under threat. Some of our members in Wales have expressed grave concerns about this. We have further concerns about some of the suggestions around Voluntary aided and voluntary controlled schools and amongst other things the inconsistent use of language changing from the earlier used have regard to’ to ‘in accordance with’.

We note with surprise that the consultation has been launched before SACREs or the public have had sight of the final proposed framework for RVE, which is now overdue.

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