Primary Subject Leader Toolkit: Start Here

As a primary subject leader, you have an important role to play in ensuring that religious education is taught effectively in your school. At NATRE, we understand the challenges that come with this responsibility, and we're here to support you every step of the way.


Below you will see different examples of RE policies from different types of schools. You might wish to use these to help you to write your own school RE policy. Click the links below to view these samples:

👉 Policy sample 1

👉 Policy sample 2 (Members only)

👉 Policy sample 3 (Members only)

👉 Policy sample 4 (Members only)

Where to start

We know that being a RE subject leader can, at times, feel a little daunting.

Below you will find a document that might help you to get started with your RE subject leader journey.

👉 Top ten ideas for where to start when you are the subject leader

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Recent research to support curriculum design

NATRE recently held a curriculum symposium where primary & secondary teachers of RE came together to discuss curriculum design.

Below you will find resources linked to the symposium that will help you with your curriculum design journey.

👉 NATRE Curriculum Symposium: Guidelines for Replication

👉 Symposium content: videos & resources

Resources developed as part of the NATRE curriculum symposium are detailed on this link.

Pupil voice ideas to benchmark the subject

What would your pupils say about RE? One of our teacher’s asked that question – you can see the quotes on this PDF on the NATRE site. NATRE would love to hear your pupil's responses to the same questions.

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