Professional REflection

The ‘Professional REflection’ section of the new-style REtoday magazine is the successor to REsource, the journal of NATRE, which, in a variety of forms and styles, was published between 1978 and 2014.

Professional REflection

During the time of its existence, REsource carved out a significant place for itself in the world of RE publishing, standing midway between the British Journal of Religious Education (international, academic, peer-reviewed) and REtoday magazine (classroom focused, newsy, colourful). As such, REsource sought to provide material for the ‘reflective practitioner’, the person involved or interested in RE who wanted to know more about the theory behind the practice and to reflect on underlying issues. It also sought to make the findings of RE-related research available to RE professionals in an accessible form. This commitment to accessibility also meant that material on the history and development of RE, for instance, was often put in the form of autobiographical accounts written by key participants in the field. Books chosen for review demonstrated a concern for much more than just the ‘subject’ of RE, as did the sayings and quotations – from the provocative to the amusing – that peppered REsource's pages.

The decision to redesign and increase the size of REtoday has provided an opportunity to make REsource-type material available to a much wider readership, and in a more sophisticated and inspirational format.

We hope that the following material will give you an appreciation of the type of material that was published in REsource but which will now find a new home in the Professional REflection section of REtoday.

1. ‘My NQT year in RE’, an article by a newly-qualified teacher reflecting on his first year as a teacher of RE and how it matched up to what he had been led to expect.

2. ‘Ten characteristics of RE’, a summary written by the then-chair of the RE Council of England and Wales for ‘Celebrating RE Month’, held throughout the country in 2011.