Being a Christian in everyday life

Faith Stories is a collection of examples of real life experiences of faith which show how life-changing the Christian message can be. Contributors explain, in a short piece of text, how they came to faith and how it affects their daily lives.
These stories provide useful examples of general and special revelation. They are short enough to be readily accessible to all students, and no less powerful for that.

Classroom suggestions:

a) Clarify with students the difference between general and special revelation, and provide access to the ‘Faith Stories’ (online or paper-based). Ask students to work in pairs / threes, with each group taking one or more stories. For each story, they identify whether it is an example of general or special revelation and prepare to justify their answer to the class.

b) Invite into the classroom people from the religion(s) you are studying who have a ‘story of faith’ of their own. Prepare students to focus questions on the ways God may be known (revelation), and how a believer would answer the person who suggested that all forms of revelation are illusions and not real.

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