Beliefs and Questions - Sikhism

Beliefs and Questions - Sikhism is a video resource which presents four members of the Sikh community answering questions about: their place of worship, best things about being a member of their religion, faith schools, politics and humour. Each clip can be viewed separately - the user chooses a question and the person whose answer they want to hear. The responses illustrate the impact of belief on behaviour, and the sources of authority individuals draw on when making everyday decisions.

Classroom suggestions:

a) Remind students of the sources of moral authority which people typically draw on when making decisions e.g. conscience, tradition, religious leaders, reason. Present them with an example of a decision (e.g. whether to take drugs, or how to vote). Ask them to feed back their thoughts to the class - and note the similarities and differences of emphasis between students.

b) Show student the resource - choosing the questions relating to faith schools and politics. Ask students to identify the sources of authority which each speaker refers to in their response, and one further question they would like to ask each speaker. From their studies in RS, how do they think the speakers would answer their questions?

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