Believer's Baptism

Believers Baptism is a video resource from CLEO which presents the baptism by total immersion of a young Christian. The video is conveniently segmented and includes: i) testimony ii) welcome iii) vows iv) baptism. It is worth noting and explaining to students that this baptism takes place in an Anglican church (Church of England), which more traditionally practices infant baptism.

Classroom suggestions:

a) Before watching the video, ask students to identify the questions about believers baptism that they would like answering. Their questions might be pragmatic (e.g. Does he really go right under the water?) or theological (e.g. Do you have to be baptised to be a Christian?). Students then watch the video with a view to answering their questions.

b) If students are also studying infant baptism, ask them to identify similarities and differences between the two services related to:

i) Words spoken
ii) Actions
iii) Objects

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