Can religion be blamed for war?

Can religion be blamed for war? is one of the questions addressed in the BBC programme ‘What the world thinks of God’. A 1.52-minute clip from the programme is available from this resource. It is a collection of short statements from a range of different faith perspectives (e.g. Christian, Muslim, Hindu), and provides an ideal stimulus for discussion.

Classroom suggestions:

a) Ask students to answer the question ‘Can religion be blamed for war?’ - take a class poll and record the result.
If helpful when debriefing, show students the quote from the Audit given above - how do they respond? Does it support or challenge the majority view shown in the poll?

b) Ask students to listen to the video clip and identify the main points offered by the speakers. Ask them to:

i) analyse the views expressed in the video, and those expressed in the class poll - what are the similarities and differences? the predictable responses and the surprises? What sources of authority can they find to support the views presented in the clip?
ii) suggest the impact inaccurate perceptions might have on individuals and wider society and how this can be countered.

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