Email a Believer

Email a believer provides a facility for students to email a member of one of the six main religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism) with a question. Alternatively, they can check through a long list of previous questions to see if the answer they are looking for has already been provided. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to access authentic viewpoints from the community of faith, and to develop a deeper understanding of differences of emphasis and the reasons for this.

Classroom suggestions:

a) Ask students to identify three questions which they would like to ask a believer about what they think God is like. You might want to focus them on forming questions which enable them to get a deeper understanding of the use of terms such as ‘personal, impersonal, immanent, transcendent’ and how seemingly contradictory beliefs are held in tension.

b) Ask students to choose a question which they think they know the answer to - and check out the believer’s response. How similar or different is the response to the student’s own ideas? Likewise, ask them to choose a question which relates to something they know nothing about - what do they learn?

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