Ethics of War

Ethics of War provides detailed and comprehensive coverage of the main ideas and concepts (e.g. just cause, just war, jihad, holy war, pacifism, war crimes, genocide). The material is text-based. It is suitable as a reference point for students, particularly more able ones, and is a readily accessible source from anywhere with internet access.

Classroom suggestions:

Provide students with access to the website and model how to navigate the site. Ask them to create a three-column table (on screen or on paper) or provide a template for them to use. They should label the columns: Holy war, Just war and Pacifism. Working in pairs, students identify details which are relevant to each heading for the religion they are studying. They might include:

i) a definition of the key term
ii) a quote from a sacred text
iii) an example to illustrate
iv) an argument against
v) a question of their own

Pairs join with another pair to share and compare findings. As a four they try to answer the questions raised. the completed document provides a revision aid which can be added to / amended.

For more ideas:

  • Ethical RE, edLat Blaylock, includes a section of activities on Exploring Global Issues of Peace and Conflict. This publication is available online from RE Today; further details are availablehere.

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