God in Hinduism

God in Hinduism is a simple morph activity - the Aum symbol (representing Brahman) morphs into three deities, and returns to Aum. This helps make a difficult concept easier to grasp, and illustrates the Hindu belief in one god with many forms.

Classroom suggestions:

a) Play the resource, and ask students to suggest: i) how murtis help Hindus relate to Brahman in a personal way; ii) to what extent can God be known?

b) Ask students to identify a key symbol for another religion they have studied. What suggestions do they have for developing as morph activity to represent key beliefs about God? Alert students to the need to avoid showing a representative of Muhammad (Islam) and also that the Gurus should only be shown in 2-D (Sikhism).

For more ideas:

  • Questions in RE: Hindus, edStephen Pett, includes a section of activities exploring what Hindus believe about God. This publication is available online from RE Today; further details are available here.

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