Life after death: fact or fiction?

Life after death: fact or fiction (9.06 mins) is a student’s work submitted to You Tube. This is a interesting example of an investigation by a student as a piece of video. If You Tube is not accessible in school, suggest students complete the task outside the classroom if possible.

Classroom suggestion:

Ask students to work in small groups to make a video or multimedia presentation of their own as part of their investigation into life after death. They should:

i) analyse the arguments they have studies using the knowledge and understanding they have gained
ii) use reasoned argument to develop their own narrative
iii) aim to give a range of differing viewpoints

For more ideas:

  • Literate RE, ed Pamela Draycott, also includes a section of activities on the impact of sacred texts - considering life after death from the perspective of Buddhism and Christianity . This publication is available online from RE Today; further details are availablehere.