RE Today Story Collection

A collection of 50 key stories from six religious traditions which are included in many agreed syllabuses. Each story is set out on a single side of A4, with the themes of the story and the religious tradition clearly identified.
Each story comes with either some key questions to engage students in discussion, or some suggested classroom activities to develop the meaning and themes of the story in ways appropriate to RE.

Stories are available from RE Today’s website at a cost of £1 each (or 10 for £7.50)

To browse the collection log on to the website and choose ‘Secondary’ and then ‘Stories’ from the Categories section to the left of the screen.

For more ideas:

  • Questions in RE: Jewish People, edStephen Pett, includes a section of activities focused on how Jewish stories express Jewish spirituality. This publication is available online from RE Today; further details are available here.

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