Science and Belief – The Big Issues

Professor Russell Stannard, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the Open University and licensed lay minister in the Church of England, explores the issues in science and religion in a series of specially filmed videos.

There are twelve programmes making 120 minutes of video presentation.

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Nine of the episodes begin with young people expressing their views on a contentious topic:

  • Creationism
  • Intelligent Design
  • The Galileo trial
  • Miracles
  • The Anthropic Principle
  • Freud
  • Jung
  • Memes
  • Extra-terrestrial intelligence.

The video presentations are supported by two sets of discussion notes.

1. Lat Blaylock of RE Today Services has written a set of notes for teachers to assist discussion and follow on activity with exam level secondary school students.

2. Russell Stannard has written a set of notes for discussion leaders in church groups. These provide starters for discussion for each of the episodes along with general notes on using the with adult groups.

Copies of the package on a disc giving the video programmes and the notes are available for sale.

Lion published the book of the series, Science and Belief - The Big Issues in May 2012. In it Russell Stannard explores the themes of the videos in greater depth.