Studying Religion And The Environment

This volume in the Challenging Knowledge in RE series examines religion and the environment through the lenses of theology and environmental studies. There are case studies of four environmental charities, viewpoints on Earth, nature and the environment voiced by people of different faiths and non-religious worldviews, and a questionnaire leading students to consider and discuss their own thoughts.

A theological approach presents accounts of the creation story in Genesis, and how commentators have explained and responded to that down the ages. Using reference to scripture, students can learn about and explore how Christians and Muslims might view creation and their place within it.

An investigator file introduces students to the discipline of environmental science, then uses it to consider the relationship between humans and the world we live in. Students are posed some challenging questions and scenarios about existing and potential threats to the wellbeing of our environment to draw in analysis from not only scientific perspectives but also religious and ethical ones.

How do theological and scientific knowledge differ and relate? And might natural science documentaries now be taking on a prophetic role?

Our multidisciplinary experts in this book are theologian Dr Simeon Zahl and environmental scientist Dr Alex Hall.

Supporting resources, available in the book and online, provide an abundance of texts, interviews, information and exercises to use in the classroom.

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