Studying Worldviews

The second volume in the Challenging Knowledge in RE series opens up the concept of worldviews, with practical and engaging ways to approach the subject and to help students reflect on their own worldview and those of others.

Using ideas developed by academics such as James W Sire and Ann Taves, exercises and questionnaires encourage students to consider: what is a worldview? What is your worldview? How do different people describe their worldviews?

Multidisciplinary RE introduces sociology and religious studies. Through the lensesof those disciplines - using data and prominent theories from sociology and rich questions from religious studies - students can investigate religion, belief and practice in Britain.

Extensive resources, available in the book and online, provide information and exercises around helpful worldview metaphors, examples, interviews and case studies, plus data and published theories to support exploration of religious, supernatural and spiritual beliefs in the UK.

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