Examining Religion and Belief

This new secondary series of nine curriculum books examines the big six world religions, focusing on the diverse ways of living of people within the traditions. The series also has a title that examines a variety of non-religious beliefs and ways of living. This new series mixes information for the busy teacher with original source material and contemporary, first-hand, insider voices, but always supported by thoughtful and imaginative ways of using the material in the classroom. The books never just give information – they always help teachers with practical classroom ideas. The material presented is carefully considered, but so is the pedagogy. Each title will include sections on scholarly views on an important idea or concept; examination of a key text, artefact or artwork; a consideration of a current controversy; faith interviews with living representatives of the various traditions; an infographic giving key data; and two units of work, one for 11-14s, the other for 14-16s – a series of creative ideas and thoughtful resources to enable students to achieve stated outcomes.

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