This book is called ‘Buddhists’ rather than ‘Buddhism’, offering snapshots of Buddhist thought and practice alongside some pages that offer some context, rather than trying to present a coherent overview of a religion. It deals in particular with the interface between the Dharma and today’s world, providing original source material and contemporary voices, recognising and identifying a diversity of views, controversies and complexity. We give some resources on the core teachings and texts (pp. 4–7) and an introduction to the spread and diversity of Buddhist traditions. We have tried to enrich the encounter your students have by including interviews with lay and ordained Buddhists (pp. 8–12, 18–25), looking at the contemporary art of Gonkar Gyatso (p. 3), exploring some statistics on Buddhists in the UK and the world (pp. 16–17), inviting some top academics to give their scholarly views (pp. 13–14, 32–33) and preparing your students for examination study on the complexities of the arhat and Bodhisattva paths (pp. 23–31).

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