Data on Muslims in Britain

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UK numbers

UK population in 2011: 56,075,912 / 2,706,066 Muslims:

ONS (2013), table KS209EW

47.2% Muslims are UK-born / 36.1% from Middle East and Asia; 10.2% from Africa:

ONS (2013), table DC2207EW

73% of Muslims consider British to be their only national identity:

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) (2015), British Muslims in Numbers

10% of Muslims are white:

ONS (2013), table DC2201EW

Diversity: roots of Muslim communities around the UK

Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) (2009), Summary Report: Understanding Muslim Ethnic Communities.

*4% converts:

Brice, K. (2010), A Minority Within A Minority: A report on converts to Islam in the United Kingdom

Muslim communities around the UK

Kohelet (2014), ‘Islam in England by district, data from the 2011 census’. CC BY-SA 3.0 license, see

Muslims in UK society

4.8% of the UK population / 7% of doctors in the NHS:

Muslim association of Britain (MAB) (2015), ‘Muslims as Scientists and in the Health Profession’

2.3% of UK MPs / 1.4% of House of Lords:

Muslim association of Britain (MAB) (2017), ‘Muslims in UK Politics’.

1.5 % of civil servants (6,630 Muslim civil servants out of 430,080 = 1.54%):

Office for National Statistics (ONS) (2018), ‘Dataset: Annex A: Sexual orientation and religious beliefs’.

3.8% of solicitors (4,340 out of 11,3704):

Law Society (2016) Diversity report

1.3% of barristers (227 out of 16,857):

Bar Standards Board (BSB) (2017), Report on Diversity at the Bar 2017

0.54% of the British Army:

MacAskill, E. (2015), ‘British army aims to recruit more Muslims after worries over low numbers’, The Guardian.

0.4% of journalists:

Thurman, N. (2016), ‘Does British Media Have a Diversity Problem?’

Muslim practice in Britain/Muslim attitudes in Britain

Field, C.D. (2010), Muslim opinions and opinions of Muslims: British experiences

Park, A. et al., (2010), British Social Attitudes: The 26th Report (California: SAGE Publications).

Muslim attitudes around the world

Pew World’s Muslims: religion, politics and society 2013

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