This book explores the beliefs, practices. traditions, values and identities of Sikhs. It is representative rather than comprehensive, exploring a selection of key aspects of Sikh way of life (or Gurmat – 'the teachings of the Guru').

The book has authentic resources to introduce students to Sikhi, including voices of Sikhs in the UK today and explorations of the Guru Granth Sahib – seen as the living Guru, a living voice rather than a lifeless text (e.g. pp.8-11, 30-31). The place and identity of Sikhs in the UK have specific contexts, of course. This is examined in the art of Singh Twins, setting their own identities within the story of their father's (see pp.12-13). The account of Gurinder Chadha reflects a similar story (p. 15). The difference between online perceptions of Sikhs (as turban-wearing and amritdhari – initiated, Khalsa Sikhs) and the more diverse reality is considered in a number of places (e.g. pp. 14-15, 18-23 and in the infographic on pp. 16-17).

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