Inspirational People

Inspirational people can be named as such because of their actions, the effects they have had on their locality, people or the wider world, or just because of who they are. They are often motivated by beliefs, religious or otherwise. The people featured in this book are many and varied, religious and non-religious, contemporary and from long ago. When studying inspirational people we often look at three categories. We have included people from each of these categories in our book:

1. Religious figures (leaders, messengers or prophets) connected with the origin of the religion, such as Jesus, Guru Nanak and the Prophet Muhammad.

2. A religious leader – past or present, local, national or international, such as a local vicar, the Queen or Rabbi Julia Neuberger.

3. People who put their beliefs into action in the way they live, from small things such as thanking God for sporting talent to letting those beliefs affect the direction their whole life has taken.

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