Inspiring RE: Sikhs contains a wide range of teaching ideas that will develop pupils' knowledge and understanding about Sikhs and Sikhism, the world's fifth largest religion. 'Sikhism' is a western word that is being used less frequently by British Sikhs, many of whom prefer the word 'Sikhi'; you will find both terms used in the book.

For younger pupils there are plenty of opportunities for learning interactively about the gurdwara and finding out about the significance of the Guru Granth Sahib. Three stories about Guru Nanak are introduced with activities to help pupils focus on their meaning to Sikh people and the impact of these stories on the lives of Sikhs.

We are aware that many teachers focus on the concept of sewa (selfless service) when teaching about Sikhs, but it can be hard to find lesson ideas above and beyond sewa and langar (community kitchen), so we have provided you with a variety of other examples to use with older pupils. There is also a focus on what it means to become a member of the Khalsa.

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