REtoday Magazine - Autumn 2023

Magazine section: Events and resources

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Item: RE Hubs are up and running

Item: Philosophy of religion resources from the FT

  • Free access to for schools and colleges teaching 16-19-year-olds; for teachers and students of philosophy and ethics

Item: Invite MAF's plane into your playground!

Item: BBC expands Early Years RE resources

Item: Anti-racist RE: continuing debates and widening resources

Item: Fishchy music celebrating 25 years

Item: Using faith-inspired art

Item: Global Neighbours assessors needed

Item: STARME celebrates first year

Item: Educate against Islamophobia

Magazine section: Opinion and Insight

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Article: Uniqueness, unity and the power of art (interview with the Singh Twins)

Article: Making sense of the census

Article: Can Christianity hold its own within a worldviews paradigm for RE?

Article: Hoping for world peace

Article: The Philosphers' Daughters

Magazine section: Classroom

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Article: Exploring arguments of a 'genderless Divine': within a Sikh dharmic worldview

Article: Digging deep and untangling text: teaching Genesis 1 to Year 7

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Article: Decolonising the curriculum, decolonising RE

Article: What are stories of creation?

Article: Using Hindu scripture: the Vedas and Upanishads

Article: Dealing with diversity

Article: The colourful complexity of Paganism in the RE classroom

Article: Keeping it real: diverse identities among the British Jewish community

Article: The messiness of understanding

Magazine section: Staffroom

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Article: RE as poetry

Article: NATRE Chair

Article: AREIAC 2023 conference

Article: NASACRE 2023 conference

Magazine section: The big picture

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Article: Wondering in Uzbekistan

Magazine section: Last word

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Article: What is RE?

Magazine section: Professional REflection

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Article: What next for RE?

Article: What do we really mean by personal knowledge?

Article: Promoting epistemic literacy

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