Spring 2019 e-Resources

Magazine section: Classroom

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Article: Big questions about death and dying – Fiona Moss

Article: Thinking about Easter: using some artefacts

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Article: A history of the big idea of atheism – Kate Christopher

Article: Opposites and similars: a 14-word thinking skills structure for assessing conceptual clarity in RE – Lat Blaylock

Magazine section: Instant RE

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Article: StoryStack: a resource using upside-down cups for children to tell Bible stories – Sue Clutterham

Magazine section: Professional REflection

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Article: Encounters, engagement and experience: making RE real for 4–11s – Chris Selway

Article: Research update – Rachael Jackson-Royal

Magazine section: Big Picture

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Article: Big question: can you see Jesus in other people? – Theresa Borg

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