Summer 2022 e-resources

Magazine section: Opinion

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Article: Teaching Islam: worldview, lived religion, big ideas, authenticity

Article: Anti-semitism across the globe


Article: 'I long for RE to connect faith and reason', interview with Father Michael Nazir Ali

Magazine section: Classroom

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Article: Making the most of opportunities for RE in the Early Years

Article: Sing to Mary

Article: Retrieval ideas for RE

Article: Bridging communities: Birmingham faith visits

Article: Points of Arrival: Jewish people coming to Scotland

Article: Six million meals in the name of love

Article: Here come the Ofsted divers

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Article: Making the most of RE opportunities in the Early Years

Article: Pandurang Shastri Athavale - an example of Hindu tradition of justice in action

Magazine section: Instant RE

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Article: 'Who is the Buddha?'

Article: From the Good Samaritan to the climate crisis: a prayer boat display

Article: Enter Spirited Arts this year

Magazine section: Professional REflection

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Article: Big Ideas for RE: the next phase

Article: Making RE accessible to all

Article: Teaching and researching worldviews hospitably?

Article: The Learning about Religions through Dialogue project

Article: Reviews

Magazine section: Staffroom

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Article: The Bahá'í faith - a feature from three believers

Article: Using homework to improve attainment in re: 8 methods

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Article: Five steps on the journey towards inclusive RE

Article: Inside a Faith

Magazine section: Events and resources

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Article: Events and resources

Magazine section: The Big Picture

Article: Calligraphy - a place of rest for the soul (interview with Ali Caligraff)

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Magazine section: The Last Word

Article: Introducing the Visual Commentary on Scripture

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