REtoday Magazine - Summer 2023

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Article: 'Good RE is a cornerstone for a modern, tolerant Britain' (Rachel de Souza interview)

Article: REasons to be cheerful

Article: Celebrating innovation and creativity

Article: A curious curriculum

Article: Celebrating uncertainty in RE

Magazine section: Classroom

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Article: Beyond Belief game

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Article: Email from a small primary school

Article: ‘The real measure of a person isn’t the challenges but how you respond to them’ (Bali Rai interview)

Article: Football and religion

Article: The Letter

Magazine section: Instant RE

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Article: How does faith contribute to local community?

Magazine section: Staffroom


Article: Young Muslims' experiences of stereotyping

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Article: Young Muslims' experiences of stereotyping

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Article: Jack of all trades

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Magazine section: The big picture

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Article: Golden Haggadah - priceless pages of art from the Jewish Bible

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Magazine section: Professional REflection

Article: Developing teacher voice (Editorial)

Article: RE:Connecting RE and environmental crisis

Article: Suitcases of faith

Article: Importance of defining and sharing purpose of RE

Article: Spirituality and RE in schools

  • Living Difference IV: Locally Agreed Syllabus for RE in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton

Article: When you are teaching, what are you doing? (Research Update)

Article: Resources for teaching and learning argumentation (Research Update)

Article: The future of (religious) education? (On Reflection)

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