Investigating Non-religious Worldviews

The second volume in the ‘Investigating Worldviews’ series gives students an opportunity to explore non-religiousness, to clarify what it means to them and see how it can influence the lives of individuals and communities.

Along with extensive additional material online, this book includes original research into what helps teenagers to find meaning and rich data about non-religious teenagers’ views on life after death. Research from the ‘Understanding Unbelief’ project examines unbelief as just one dimension of non-religion, indicating that religion and non-religion are entangled in how people make sense of the world; portraits and interviews from the same project provide personal stories. Examples of organised non-religious worldviews, such as forms of Humanism and Sentientism, are shared. Classroom study of these offers opportunities for students to explore the relationship between religion and non-religion in ways that also draw attention to students’ own worldviews.

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