Year 2 - What is the ‘good news’ that Christians say Jesus brings? – Part 1 Lesson 6

This PowerPoint is Lesson 6 from Year 2 Unit 13 where pupils will learn about the concept of ‘Gospel’ and the good news of forgiveness, peace and love that Christians believe Jesus brings. Pupils will learn about Matthew the Tax Collector and how Christians believe that Jesus offers forgiveness, looking at their heart rather than what they have done in the past. Pupils will learn about the instructions that Jesus gives in the Bible and how Christians follow his example and these instructions in order to behave in a Christ like way. Pupils will take time to consider whether Jesus’ good news is only good news for Christians or whether there are things for people from different worldviews to consider.
This unit is made up of two parts and learning covering the above content will continue in part two. This lesson plan is part of the RE Today Primary RE Curriculum, which is accessible to NATRE Primary School Enhanced members only.

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