British Journal of Religious Education

The British Journal of Religious Education (BJRE) is an international peer-reviewed academic journal with roots reaching back to 1934. It is the leading journal in Britain for the dissemination of international research in religion and education, and for the scholarly discussion of issues concerning religion and education internationally.

Its current editor is Professor Vivienne Baumfield of Glasgow University.


As well as an editorial, which itself makes a significant contribution to discussion of topical issues, each edition contains a number of significant articles written by an international range of authors and reviews of recently published books.

At 130 pages in length, BJRE is published three times yearly, thus mirroring the publication dates of REtoday magazine. Together, these two publications provide a wide sweep of material for those interested in RE. BJRE provides highly academic material and comment. REtoday is more classroom focused and newsy, whilst its Professional REflection section (formerly REsource) provides accessible and in-depth analysis and comment for the reflective practitioner.

To get a flavour of the articles published in BJRE see below.

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